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ALT North East User Group

Attended the ALT North East user group today at Durham Castle* to network and share practice with learning technologists from universities and colleges across the region.

A representative from Jisc was there to provide us with an update on their Learning Analytics project, which continues to look ever more impressive every time I see it. This was followed by a demonstration and talk about Special iApps which have been created to help children with special educational needs. Then we had two sessions on the use and value of Microsoft Teams in education, one from a Microsoft representative and one from a colleague at Teesside who have been using it in the wild with good results. Finally there was a demonstration of the survey tool BluePulse via webinar.

* The castle was nice. Really nice.


  1. Lee O'Donnell
    Lee O'Donnell 26th November 2018

    Hello Sonya,

    I didn’t know you were at the ALT meeting! I was scheduled to go but something came up last minute. I have just rediscovered your blog, hope everything is going OK and you are keeping well.

    • Sonya
      Sonya 3rd December 2018

      Hi Lee! Yes, very well, thank you. Sunderland have been very good to me. 😀

      Hope to catch you at a future ALT meeting.

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