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COVID-19 Return to Campus Training

Optimism ClosedMood. Photo by Nick Bolton on Unsplash

Ooh, exciting times! I say exciting, but I think the correct emotion is apprehension. This was a short, self-paced eLearning package which the University has put together now that many staff will be returning to the office. The content was fine, largely about the measures they are taking to ensure social distancing is possible, especially in shared working environments such as labs. What troubled me about it was what was lacking, specifically the non-existence of anything pertaining to getting to and from campus.

This, like much of the material that has been circulating internally around the return to campus, has an unstated premise that people drive to work. I have seen many comms about parking arrangements, for example, not a single thing about public transport. There’s an argument to be made that the University isn’t responsible for its employees outside of the campus, its immediate area of control, but it would be a brave argument to make! I’ve fed this back to the Powers That Be, but nothing has come of it.

And since I’m veering wildly off-topic here I’m going to stick with it… this type of online learning which we are occasionally asked to complete always bothers me because I spend half my time spotting errors of formatting and bad design, and thinking about how we could have put this together better! But alas, we have our work cut out for us with academic content and support. Which despite all of this we’ll be continuing to deliver from home for the foreseeable future, barring special events.

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Is That a Rocket on Your Campus?


It seems that the University may have acquired a space programme overnight. Are we about to become the first University to put a student in space? The rocket seems a little small for human exploration, perhaps we’re starting with a student’s hamster instead? The alternative explanation is a weapon’s programme. Are we about to make a decisive pre-emptive strike against some of our competition, Northumbria perhaps? It’s one way to get up the league tables I suppose.

Seriously though, I made some enquiries and the rocket visit, courtesy of Starchaser Industries, is in connection with a programme to raise awareness of the practical applications of chemistry in schools, and there were a lot of school children on campus today and I saw some of them with their own smaller scale models.

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